Monday, February 9, 2015

Learning To Be Successful - Building Your SUCCESSPATH Library

There is a lot of data that suggests reading and/or listening is a pathway to all kinds of success.  Studies have shown that CEO's out read other people in the company by a large margin.  Jim Rohn, who was an early mentor to many people including Tony Robbins and Success Magazine publisher Darren Hardy says:

"I learned early on from my mentor Mr. Shoaff that if you are going to achieve any level of success in your life, you need a good library. The very first book he recommended to me was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I remember Mr. Shoaff saying to me, “Doesn’t that book and title intrigue you? Think and Grow Rich. You have to read that book, Think and Grow Rich.”I said, “Yes sir.” I went and found that book in a used bookstore. I paid less than fifty cents for it. I still have it today. It’s one of the rare hardback covers. 

 Wow! Mr. Shoaff was right. That one book got me started on an amazing journey. “Get a library started; it’ll change your life.” His words still ring true. Most large, exquisite homes have a library. Does that tell you something? And you say, “Well, I can’t afford a large, exquisite home!” It doesn’t matter what size home. Take your present apartment, clean out a closet, call it your library, and start acting intelligent. And start this process as I did. Start developing a library."