Thursday, January 21, 2016

Strengths Based Goal Setting - Part 8

Strengths Based Goal Setting - Part 8 from Dale Cobb on Vimeo.

"Genshai" - SUCCESSPATH Word Series

Genshai is an ancient Hindi word meaning "never treat anyone, including yourself, in a way that makes the person feel small". It means interacting in a way that lifts other people up to their highest self. It means reaching out to those who may feel small and giving them a path to discover, develop and deliver their best self. This could mean offering a specific sincere compliment, holding a door for someone or offering a homeless person warm eye contact along with money. Or it could mean taking that homeless person by the hand and offering the first step on the path of discovering the greatness inside.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Strengths Based Goal Setting



Setting up goals...directions and destinations for the year should be a process that interacts with strengths discovery, development, demonstration and delivery. If you are a manager of people, even a parent, goal setting should involve deploying the strengths of others more than correcting a weakness.

Make a list of your key strengths (Bring Your "A-Game"):

Accomplishments - Make a list of your past successes. Try for 100 (For most people this is extremely challenging). 

Added Value - Select 10 accomplishments where you have added value to another individual, team, business unit or organization. Identify the specific contribution(s).

Aptitudes - Are you Word Smart? Number Smart? Picture Smart? Mechanically Smart? Music Smart? People Smart? Body Smart? Which aptitudes did you use?

Activities - What are the activities and tasks you love doing and are naturally good at? Which talent/passion activities made the value added accomplishments happen.

Approaches - How do you do the things you do well. Gallup's Strengthsfinder 2.0 Assessment is a great place to find some answers.

Aim - Set a single goal based on your findings in the above exercise.

How We Choose Careers - Part 2

How We Choose Careers 2 from Dale Cobb on Vimeo.