Monday, December 29, 2014

Vishen Lakhiani - The MindValley Story

Vishen talks about building a company based on Fun, Flow, Fulfillment and Fairness.

Take-A-Way Thoughts:

"Flow Is Getting People Joyful in the Now and Visualizing the Future"

The Paradox of Intention - You must have goals.  But your happiness cannot be tied to these goals.  You must be happy before you attain them.

Notice when "Flow" happens and change your life to make it happen more often.  

Notice the moments when you aren't in "Flow" and make a conscious effort to bring yourself back to flow.

"Blissipline" is the practice of keeping yourself in "Flow".

Your PASSIONS are the bread crumbs that lead you on the pathway to your destiny.

Large chunks of humanity right now are trapped in jobs and careers that they absolutely hate. They dread going to work.

Sometimes you've got to destroy your life to let the next great thing happen.

10 MindValley Company-Wide Practices

1.  Daily Company-Wide Gratitude Log Website - What we appreciate appreciates...
To see this go to

2.  The "Awesomeness Report" - Cool stories of awesome things they did outside of work...Records they broke at work...New sales...New innovations.  We compile all of these and do a full motivating PowerPoint celebrating all our successes from the previous week.  Since implementing this our revenues have grown 400%.  Rather than have company meetings where you moan about what went wrong, we have company meetings about what went right.  You recognize your employees who did something cool in that week.

3. We "Ring The Bell Of Awesomeness" which is only to be rung during moments of sheer and total awesomeness.

4. We have a Company Mascot of "Wonder Woman".  We put our hands on Wonder Woman and take an oath of Awesomeness.

5.  Our Company Motto that comes from Kung Fu Panda.... "I BLIND PEOPLE WITH MY AWESOMENESS"

6.  We have a Dog named Ozzie who is the director of our P.R.
"The best companies combine profits with pleasure and purpose"

7.  Every month, 10% Of Our Profits Get Distributed To Our Employees. Peoples salary checks truly double.

8.  "The Sweet Sugar Love Machine"... A software that allows people to appreciate and praise co-workers.  Pettiness and politics has disappeared.
"Flowers flourish on water... People flourish on praise"

9.  The 45/5 Rule... Only work 45 hours a week... 5 of those 45 hours must be used on learning and growth.

10. Give People A Platform To Teach... You learn by teaching

11. Group Meditation... Guided Meditation Visualizing What Your Life Looks Like 12 Months Down The Road

12. Company Sponsored Fun.... Halloween Party.... Amazing 70's Party... The manager should be the first one in the pool... fully clothed preferably.  Employees are encouraged to bring the smartest most brilliant people they know to our parties... We hire them at the party. 

13. Positive Stamina... Look past the wrong...stay focused on the future... We have people create a Vision Board when they are faced with a massive problem.

"There's no point in looking backward, not for a fleeting moment.  I can not remember the bad moments in my life, I only remember the good" ~Richard Branson

"Learn to manage your mind.  Never let a situation lure you into thinking negatively.  Sometimes you'll fail, but you'll learn for the next time.  Every time a negative thought comes at you, zap it.  Replace it with positive thoughts.  That takes energy, but the results will be stamina, positive stamina, a necessary ingredient for success."
~Donald Trump

14. Experiences and Connections... The 5 People You Hang Out With Is Who You Become.  I have people in my company exposed to brilliant minds. I expand their circle.  We send our employees to some of the biggest most important conferences around the world. 

Go to to expand your circle and get exposed


Bonus - A Day At MindValley

Redefining Success - Andrew Hewitt and The Game Changer 500

Andrew Hewitt says success can be redefined as a game where everyone wins.  He has created The Game Changer 500 to identify purpose driven companies like Whole Foods, Zappos, Mind Valley, Grameen Bank, Tom's Shoes and Method.