We customize our assessments for each individual and organization we serve!

Aptitude Plus - 15 Work Sample Assessments - $99.00 with Debrief
       Timeframe Orientation
       Work Approach
       Interpersonal Style
       Visual Comparison Speed
       Numerical Reasoning
       Spatial Visualization
       Sequential Reasoning
       Idea Generation
       Inductive Reasoning
       Numerical Computation
       Associative Memory
       Hand-Eye Coordination
       Visual Memory
       Pattern Memory

Passion Assessments
     Passion Explorer Survey I (Topics) 
     Passion Explorer Survey II (Careers)
     Passion Explorer Survey III (School Subjects)
     Passion Explorer Survey IV (Inquiries)    
     Passion Party
     100 Job Exercise
 Talent Assessments
     Aptitude Work Sample Indicators 
          (Over 100 Work Samples Connected to O*NET)
     Activity Assessments
          Awesome-Average-Awful Survey
          Activity Card Sort
     Approach Assessments 
          Strengthsfinder 2.0
          StandOut 2.0

Personality Assessments
     Type (Myers-Briggs Style Indicator)
     Meta-Programs Survey

Values Assessments
     Values Explorer I (D.R.I.V.E.R.S. Survey)
     Values Explorer II 
     Values Explorer III (Peak Experiences Survey)
     Values Explorer IV (Values and Voids Exercise)
     Values Explorer V (Must Haves Survey)
     Values Explorer VI (The Highway Survey)
     Values Explorer VII (Can't Stand Survey)
     Values Inquiries
     Value String Expander
     Organizational Values Explorer

Learning Style Assessments
     7 Style Survey

Knowledge Assessments
     General Knowledge (Edison Survey Updated)
     Specific Knowledge Surveys (Custom Only)
     Specific Vocabulary Surveys (Custom Only)

Skills Assessments
     General Skills Survey (Connected to O*NET)
     Work Sample for Skills (Custom Only)
     Keyboarding Work Sample
     Handwriting Work Sample

Character Assessments
     C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R. Explorer
     VIA Survey
     Reference Checks


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