Coaching Sprints

SUCCESSPATH CAREER DEVELOPMENT offers a number of 21 day Coaching Sprints:

DISCOVER! - Built around Dale's book, THE STRENGTHSPATH PRINCIPLE, this sprint helps you increase clarity on your career strengths including your unique passion, talent, personality, values, learning style, knowledge, skills and character.

STAFF! - Learn to attract, select, hire, on-board, train, re-position and if needed out place. 

EXCEL! - Use your strengths to move from Basic to Better to Best to Breakthrough in your current work.

SHAPE! - This sprint is based on Dale's book, Take This Job and Shape It! It will help you review, revise and reinvent your current work. These sessions are designed for professionals who want to re-design and existing job or work role.

TIME! - People naturally manage their time well when working from their strengths. Most time management programs are geared toward helping learners muster the discipline to work from weakness. This coaching sprint begins with your natural strengths and then helps you integrate each of them in each piece of your life.

SELL! - A fresh examination of the customer/client journey integrated with timeless principles that will help you offer more "WOW" experiences. If you're tired of selling with the old manipulative, mind control and me-first methods give this sprint a try.

SEARCH! - Is this your first job search or your first job search in many years? Are you struggling with out dated methods? This strengths based sprint is designed to help you find the work you love!

DREAM! - A design sprint that will help you assemble an integrated vision for 10 critical areas that lead to a full passionate life. Get crystal clear on the best version of yourself.

STRATEGIZE! - You have a strategy that is perfectly designed to get the results you're getting. In this sprint you'll work on connecting your strengths to targets, routes, roadblocks, actions and thoughts into an integrated roadmap.

DEVELOP!- Implement 20 professional growth strategies that will amplify your strengths and accelerate your success.

DESCRIBE! - Build a language of strengths to communicate what you do best. Build an elevator presentation, write a resume, create a LinkedIn Profile, improve your interview skills and communicate your strengths in a team meeting.

START! - Strengths Oriented Entrepreneurship - Do what you do best in business. 


Sample Session - The first session is always free!

Single Sprint - A 21 Day Sprint with a Review at the end is $1000.00. This typically
includes a new client intake, 3 - 50 minute sessions plus a review.

Sliding Scale - We offer income based discounts for a limited number of highly motivated clients. Call for an exact quote.

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