Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Where Do YOU Want To Go?

Historically, the Boy Scouts have been known for their good deeds. The following is one of my favorite stories...

There were 3 Boy Scouts who had helped an older woman across the street. Noticing this the Scout Master asked the Eagle Scout why it took 3 of them… The Scout answered, “It Was Because She Didn’t Want To Go!”

Many of us are trying to go places we really don’t want to go… The culture… our parents, professors, partners, peers, pastors and professional advisors have told us that we should want to go… but we don’t. The goals we often set are not authentic. They are not based on our strengths but instead on the default bias of the culture.

Many of us in management and even in the coaching profession, are trying to help other people go places they really don’t want to go...


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