Working with Dale has always been rewarding. Dale has always been on the leading edge developing new ways of marketing his products and services. Always willing to try new approaches and follow through... Always convincing.”
Fred Friday, Director of Operations Fundcraft Publishing, Memphis, Tennessee  - April 27, 2007
"Dale has always impressed me with his integrity, marketing insights, compassion and follow through. He thinks outside the box, asks the questions that others fail to ask and has a real heart for training others to be the best they can be. You can count on Dale."
Tim Turner, Owner Turner Strategic - Atlanta, Georgia – March 14, 2009
“Dale is always the most prepared person in the room. He has the ability to listen and clarify the issue at hand. He is a creative, caring leader. He has always been a joy to work with.”
Beverly Sherman, Owner Creative Connections - Lansing, Michigan – March 2, 2009
“I would like to take the opportunity to offer my recommendation for Dale Cobb. He has the remarkable ability to clearly listen to a problem, understand the issues and suggest a course of action that satisfies the needs of me and my clients. I cannot tell you how many times his advice was precisely what I needed to close a deal or carefully resolve a difficult situation. He is resourceful and creative in his teaching style. Over all he helped me to be more efficient and successful in my career.”
Michael Ward - Houston, Texas
“Dale gives attention to detail and runs one of the best team meetings I’ve ever seen.  He has the keen ability to make complex things seems simple enough that anyone could understand them.”
Elwyn Henderson, Owner-Partner Mosaic Images - Gilmer, Texas, June 9, 2011
“Dale is a very detail oriented individual who consistently demonstrates strong customer service skills. He develops long term relationships through a "partnership" approach, while constantly analyzing different ways to improve/enhance programs.”
Dale Poe, Regional Sales Manager - Lifetouch Minneapolis, MN, February 3, 2012
“Dale has always been a hardworking, dedicated, caring person to work with.  He had a good sense of what the customer’s needs and wants were.  He had a good marketing sense as to what products and services fulfilled their needs.  I would highly recommend Dale.
Dave Butler, President - Olan Mills, Chattanooga, TN, January 11, 2012
“I have had the wonderful opportunity to work Dale on several fronts.  While partnering with Dale leading large group training sessions, developing processes and programs, working one on one with accounts and counterparts I have seen his passion and compassion and desire to do what is right, what is best, and what will lead to success time and time again.  There are few people I could recommend more highly.  He is simply one of the best.”
Billy Stegall, National Training Director - Olan Mills, Charlotte, NC, January 10, 2012
“It is a pleasure to recommend Dale Cobb.  I first met Dale in 2001 when he was a marketing manager at Olan Mills.  I was a new marketing rep and quickly learned that he was the go to guy within the company for teaching and training new products and applications, especially those emerging from the technical side.  I’ve found Dale reflects the highest degree of integrity, sincerity and knowledge.  His high standards are a plus to any team, group or company fortunate enough to have his services.  He has my highest recommendation.”
Dan Philpot, Marketing Manager – Olan Mills, Alpharetta, GA, January 18, 2012
A great speaker, very detailed, personable, and a great trainer. Easy to work with on small to large projects. Observant and finishes to the end! Always impressed!
April Michele Floyd – Olan Mills – August 30, 2012

Dale Cobb is the consummate professional. He is detail oriented, has superb follow-through and is tremendously engaging. Dale’s ability to work with all personalities and abilities is truly the key to his success. He is extremely skilled at relationship building and instilling confidence in others. I enjoyed working with Dale and saw firsthand the value he brought to the students he partnered with as a Career Services Coordinator.
~Lori Myers, Senior Admissions Counselor, Pacifica Graduate Institute
It has been my privilege to be associated with Dale and to be a receptor for his tutelage. He is not only an incredible professional, but an amazing human being. He progresses through his work with focus and humor. An open heart and great communication abilities allow him to put people at ease and assist them in tackling some of life's most difficult barriers. It is my honor to be able to call him a friend.
~Greg Gardner, Career Services Coordinator, Laurus College
Dale is a driven and passionate professional with a servant's heart and leaders mind, committed to providing the best support possible - and those qualities shine through in his work. Organized with detailed plan of attacks to any barriers, he doesn't take shortcuts and goes above and beyond to see a project through or help the population he's working with.  Dale is practical, personable, and very down to earth and would be a great addition to any team!
~David Nicola, Tech Talent Searcher, Delphix

“Thank you for all your time and encouragement. With your advice and direction, I was able to get a decent job offer. They even complimented my resume.”
~Ben Davidson, Visalia, CA
The Purpose of this letter is to describe the benefits I enjoyed from my coaching experience with Dale Cobb. I had a very specific issue, which I needed help getting over the hump with. Our conversations were very helpful in keeping me on track and getting me to the finish line. I believe that Dale is a keen observer of the human condition and has the ability to reflect back an individuals thoughts and goals as one strives for success. I found the services offered by Dale to be timely and effective. In the future, I am sure I will be presented with challenges that require outside assistance. When that time comes, I will not hesitate to call on Dale for his fresh bright and insightful guidance.”
~Joe Sexton, Managing Partner, CFR Executive Search, Chicago, Illinois
“It was helpful in showing me areas I have strengths that I had not thought about for a long time... Thank you for all you help, and I am sure we will talk more in the future.”
~Jeff Candrell, Visalia, CA
“I think the class was really fun and entertaining.  I learned a lot about myself.”
~Steven Barnett, Visalia, CA
“This will give me an understanding of where I will be most helpful.”
~Ruth Ann Martino, Visalia, CA
“Class was very helpful…explaining my strengths more to employers in a better way.”
~Jennifer, Visalia, CA
“This is the first time I have experienced job search of this type.  Great job!”
~Jason Faulkes, Visalia, CA
"It was a pleasure working with Dale. He was extremely helpful with my questions, and concerns. I would definitely recommend Dale, if you need an uplift... 'You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.' Naguib Mahfouz - Thank you Dale."
~Meashia Gayton

"Dale is one the best out of the box thinkers I know. His creative abilities and administrative skills are off the charts."
~Joel Hedland, Ohana Island Productions

"Dale is interested in energy and synergy. He motivates and encourages others to participate to make things happen. Dale also has a high Trust level with his collegues and customers!"
~Heldur Nork, Lifetouch

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