Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Decision Based Strengths

Decision Strengths Overview from Dale Cobb on Vimeo.


Look at the decision based strengths below:

Character Choices including integrity, honor, morals, ethics, standards of right and wrong. Employers are concerned with dependability, attendance and promptness. They are also concerned with honesty and keeping your commitments. Courage which means the willingness to do something while you’re scared is also a character strength. These all involve choices.

List your Character Strengths:

Mission and Goals including focus, direction and planned destinations. You will attract more people when you have a clear direction and are focused on a specific destination. It may sound noble to walk into a job interview and tell the hiring manager you’re willing to do anything. Being willing to start at the bottom and work up is one thing, but as a rule, managers hire and promote people who know where they’re going!

Describe your Career Direction or Destination:

#3. Attitude, Mindset or Thought-Choice is a powerful strength. Examples included gratitude, humility, optimism, serving, generosity, cooperation and Action-Bias. While in one sense, attitudes are developed over time, in another sense, you can choose anyone of these in any given moment. Every thought you and I hold has 3 results or consequences. 

There is a physical result. Positive thought choices produce positive chemicals like endorphins and serotonin. There is an emotional result that produces positive feelings. And there is the Vibe result that impacts everyone around you. This is why companies will hire for thought choice, mindset or attitude.

List your Positive Thought Choices, Mindsets and Attitudes:

#4. Appearance, Dress or Look is the next strength you can choose immediately. Employers hire and promote candidates and employees who represent their desired brand image. Always manage your appearance. Dress and appearance are very powerful forms of non-verbal communication.

On a scale from 1-10 how affective is your appearance and wardrobe?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

#5. Geography or Location is the last Chosen Strength I’m going to talk about with regard to your career. I often refer to this as the “Nashville Principle”. That means if you want to become a star in Country Music, you need to move to Nashville!  If you’re not yet 18, do what Taylor Swift did and convince your parents to move with you. There is a unique “Geography of Success” that goes with many positions and roles. If you want to be a Broadway performer, you need to move to New York. There is an optimal environment for your career choice. 

List the optimal locations for your Dream Job:

In future sessions we’ll be looking at your discovered or natural strengths, your developed strengths and these decision based strengths individually using indicators or worksheets that will help you with both the job shaping and job search aspects of career development.

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