Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Developed Strengths Overview

Workshop ( 10 Minutes)

#1 Skills are Mastery, Proficiency and Competency with Methods, Steps, Sequences, Tool Use and Technology) Skills are developed through deliberate systematic effort, intentional practice and often supported by training and coaching. You want to focus on developing skills that compliment or build on your natural talent. For instance, one example of a natural talent is rhythm. Complimentary skills might be dance or drums. Another natural talent is 3 Dimensional Visualization. Complimentary skills might include architecture drafting, computer graphics animation, construction trades or automotive repair.

List some of your skills:

#2 Knowledge including General Vocabulary, Professional or Industry Specific Terminology, Rules, Regulations, Laws, Principles, Theories, Information, Facts and Understanding. You want to focus on developing knowledge in areas that compliment or synergize with both your natural talents and the subjects you’re passionate about. If I wanted to become a professional baseball player, I should get at least basically acquainted with the rule book and arm myself with an understanding of sacrifice bunts and sacrifice flies.

List some of your knowledge:

#3 Education including reading, attending lectures, classes, coursework, degrees, certifications and certificates. You’ll want to structure your education around gaining talent based skills, passion based knowledge and your education should ideally correlate with your natural Learning Style.

List your education:

#4 Experience including informational interviewing, job shadowing, internships, volunteer projects or other free work and part-time jobs. Try to get experience related to the career you’re passionate about pursuing but, really, your experience strengths include almost any goal oriented work that includes collaboration, taking direction and working harmoniously with other people. That job at McDonalds gave you experience:

Working with the public.
Learning to be responsible.
Showing up on time.
Working under deadlines and adverse conditions
Handling irate customers.
Solving problems 
Working as a team member.
Being accountable to a supervisor
Using repeatable systems
Working efficiently

List your experience:

#5 Resources including Tools, Equipment, Technology and Machines. I’m writing and recording this material on a MacBook Pro. I have lighting and backdrops. You will probably need to have a set of tools even if it’s just the right clothes or wardrobe to get the job and transportation to get there.

List your Tools:

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