Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Strengths Discovery Questions

Workshop (10 Minutes)

Here are 5 question sets. They spell out the word S.I.G.N.S. as in signs you may have a strength.

Strong? – What activities or topics make you feel strong? What are the activities and topics that generate strong positive emotions? World’s Greatest Investor, Warren Buffett says he tap dances to work every morning… What are the activities that make you want to dance?

Intense Interests? What was your favorite subject in school or hobbies outside of school? Indicators include the magazine and book sections you’re drawn to, How you spend your money or discretionary income after the bills are paid, how you spend time after work and what takes up space in your home or garage… other than the basics. What are you always thinking about?

Growth? What areas do you grow or get better quickly? What activities seem to come easy or more effortless?

Needs? What do you “Need” to do. What’s inside, that has to come out?

Success? What areas have you experienced the most success, achievement and results? What kind of problems do you solve?

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