Monday, March 14, 2016


“The Truth About You Video - Your Secret To Success” 
   (23 Minutes)

Growing Up...

There were subjects in school that you were ___________________________.

There were classes where time went by _______________________________.

There were certain situations, certain people, and certain times when you were at 

your ________________. 

Like the young boy in the story, you have something inside of you that is trying to 

get _________.

Marcus Buckingham’s definition of a strength is “an activity that makes you feel 


Myth As I grow older, my basic personality and core talents change.
Truth:  Your talents won’t change.  You can make the biggest changes by developing the talents you were born with.  

Myth:  Strengths are simply what I’m good at and weakness are simply what I’m bad at.
Truth:  Your feelings are also an important clue to what your strengths are (Matt Borden Example)

Myth: I will grow most in my areas of weakness.
Truth:  You will grow most and become successful by focusing most of your attention on your strengths.  (Deficit Attention Disorder)

Myth: The best team players do whatever it takes to help their team win

Truth:  You may occasionally need to work in an area of weakness.  But your biggest contributions to a team or employer will come when you contribute your talent and strength.

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