Monday, March 21, 2016

Discovered Strength Dimensions Overview from Dale Cobb on Vimeo.


After watching the video above think about the strength definitions below. As you go through each one, list any strength you think you might claim as your own. In later segments you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into each strength with indicators and assessments.

Contribution (Result, Benefit, Added Value, Difference Maker, Better Service, Deliverables, Increased Profit, Reduced Expenses, Performance, Solving Problems, What You’re Paid For) Contribution is something you give that helps attain an end result.  t’s the positive change that happens when you walk in the room, when you join a business unit, team or organization.

Contributions I've Made:

Passion (Intense Interests, Enthusiasm, Desire, Ambition, Love, Fascinations, Magnificent Obsession, Energy, Excitement, Activities That Make You Feel Strong, Willingness to Sacrifice and Suffer)

Passions I Have:

Values (Priorities, Motivation, Beliefs, Ideals, What’s Important To Me) Company culture is made up of the combined values of individual employees. Many companies are looking closely at candidate values before hiring.  Examples of values include Beauty, Independence, Control, Altruism and Individuality:

Values I Have:

Personality (Temperament, Preferences, Style, Nature, Disposition, Traits, Person)
 Personality is the organization of an individual’s distinct traits and temperament. Many employers give pre-employment personality assessments based on a belief that individuals have traits that will make them more successful. Examples of personality include shy or outgoing, structured or flexible and people focused or task focused.

Personality Traits I Have:

Talents (Natural Ability, Aptitude, Gift, Knack, Flair, Bent, Instinct, Genius, Inclination, Brilliance, Forte, Aptness) Innate ability makes performing and excelling at specific tasks easier.  It also makes developed strengths like skill and knowledge acquisition easier.
Talents include Aptitudes like the ability to Visualize in 3D, Number Facility and  Finger Dexterity.  Talents include Approaches like Thinking, Relating, Influencing and Executing.

Talents I Have:

Learning Style (Perception, Organization, Retention and Response to Instruction Methods, Optimized Pattern of Acquiring and Processing Information) Examples of learning styles include Reading, Listening, Discussion and Doing.

My Learning Style Preferences Are:

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